Attitude Era #14. In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede (July 6, 1997) Part 2

Previously on On the Card: Best match of the PPV so far featuring Mankind and Trips.

Backstage, Dok Hendrix is speaking to Bret about the possibility of losing on their home turf. Stone Cold arrives and shouts for a bit. Bret takes this to prove that Steve is mad.

Back in the arena, we have a “light heavyweight” match with mmmmmmmmmmotherfucking Taka Michinoku. Yes. What a lad. Still has the same music he has when he’s in Kaientai. Great. I fucking love Taka.

The Great Sasuke appears with mental metal. He jogs to the ring like the smelly jobber he is. Both lads have long cloaks on… but before the match can start, both Mankind and Trips appear, still fighting. Christ. Way to take the heat away from the Japanese. Both men are bopping each other for real and Trips is bust wide open. Then the match in the right actually starts.

Taka Michinoku vs. The Great Sasuke.

To appease the Americans, Sasuke is wearing a face mask. That way, they won’t get confused, surely.

For real, though, I bet Vince was happy about this so he didn’t have to keep spluttering through his notes to see who was who. Because, you see, he is a racist.

Both men start off. Sasuke gives a wee kick and both men dodge about each other. They lock up and go against the ropes where it breaks. There is a test of strength and an arm lock. Taka rolls through and Sasuke gets him in an arm lock. They spring away and a lovely boot from Sasuke knocks Taka down. The crowd is, sadly, dead.

Head scissors from Sasuke and Taka rolls through, gets him in a crossface and a few stretches. Taka is working on Sasuke’s arms, runs the ropes and eats a boot. Sasuke pulls up a high Boston Crab and crawls to the ropes to break it. Taka boots Sasuke in the face and a dropkick to the back on the head followed by one to the face and the crowd are loving it. Taka runs the ropes and goes over. Sasuke goes to the top rope and hits the flying kick on our man Taka. Both men are down. They roll in and Sasuke kicks the shite out of Taka in the corner. Sasuke waits for Taka to get up and keeps kicking. Taka catches the legs, gives a lovely whip, dropkicks the knee and springboards from the top rope to the outside. Big pop from the crowd.

Taka is mid-ring and Sasuke is outside. Finally, Sasuke rolls into the ring and Taka meets him, attempting a suplex from the apron but Sasuke counters. A German suplex is attempted but Taka lands on his feet and hits a hurricanrana. Roll-up and Sasuke kicks out. Sasuke hits a flip followed by a springboard moonsault to the outside and both men are having a wee lie down. Good job, boys. Have a rest for a while.

Mid-ring and both men run the ropes. Taka hits the belly to belly and is denied a pin. He springboard dropkicks Sasuke, calls for the throat-cut, hits the Michinoku driver and fails to get the pin. Taka goes top rope but as he jumps, Sasuke dropkicks him mid-air followed by a springboard moonsault, a powerbomb and a German suplex to pin.

The Great Sasuke has pinned Taka Michinoku in ten minutes exactly.


Just a tip top “light-heavyweight” match with two great Japanese stars. I’ve always loved Taka, especially with Funaki and it’s always great to see Sasuke.


Who are these gods.

Grade: A.

Great match, worthy of the ovation the crowd are giving them.

We can’t see that, though, because backstage, Trips and Mankind are still fighting. The refs are trying to stop them. Trips has a spade and cracks Mankind with it. Trips sets up Mankind on a bunch of pallets for the Pedigree but Mick counters it. More garbage wrasslin’ from the pair of them.

Promo for the upcoming Undertaker vs. Vader match, where Ahmed got in a bit of trouble during a big ol’ scrap match and bust his knee. Vader then stepped in.

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