Attitude Era #12. In Your House 15: A Cold Day in Hell (May 11, 1997) Part 3

Previously on On the Card: The Nation of Domination were there with their nice, clean rap.

Backstage, Todd chats to nippley Vader and we see earlier in the day where Leon and Mick Foley rock in and beat up Ken. Vader says he was only playing. Vader tells us that Ken knows nothing about pain. It’s time, by the way. Vader Time.

The Fink introduces that this is a No Holds Barred match where there are no pinfalls or standing 8-count. The only way to win is by submission or knockout. My tape skips at that point and then Vader enters, showing off that left nipple once again. Jerry tells us that Vader isn’t a technical wrestler. He’ll just kick the shite out of Ken.

Out the man comes himself, dressed like Rocky. No pomp or circumstance, just batters into the ring, hiding behind fellow Irish Referee Tim White. Ken looks amazing.

No Holds Barred Match: Vader vs. Ken Shamrock.

Jerry tells us that Tim White has probably never had a match like this. Ken hits a boot to the legs and skips back. Vader circles the ring and Jerry references the Antonio Inoki/Muhammad Ali match. Ken gets a wristlock in place but Vader goes to the ropes and forces a break. Another stiff kick from Ken and Vader shoves him into the corner. Vader has about two hundred pounds on Shamrock. Shamrock gets the waistlock on with his big old roidy biceps. More stiff kicks and Shamrock hits an attempted German suplex. Vader escapes outside the ring. No countouts so no damage here, he can hang out there all night if he has to.

Back in the ring, Ken hits Vader with a great big German suplex and hammers Vader in the face. Irish Referee Tim White shouts at both men. Vader gets Shamrock on the ropes but Ken rolls into an armbar but fails to get the submission fully in. Ken gives Vader a wee boot in the bum but Vader uses his strength to just lift the man up. On the floor, Vader lies on Shamrock, taking his time and grabbing at Shamrock’s arm. The crowd bay for Shamrock and he rolls through into an armbar. Vader lifts Shamrock riiiight up and rolls through. JR calls it a “unique match”, which is to say, a “shite match”.

Vader suplexes Shamrock to the outside and the boy takes it like a champ. Fair play, Shamrock. Vader bounces Shamrock off the steel steps twice and Vader’s nose has become bust at some point. Shamrock fights back and hits the elbows to Vader’s head. In the ring, Shamrock holds onto the ropes for dear life and takes a thunderous Irish whip. Bad ankle lock and Ken fights back as best he can. Ken escapes and Vader gets him into a choke. Vader hits the splash in the corner followed by some kicks to the face and a half-hearted bodyslam. Jerry tells us that he is not a Vader fan, but a Shamrock hater. Vader goes for the slam, decides to hit the moonsault but rolls too late and Vader’s head bounces off Shamrock’s back. Shamrock fights back, hits a suplex and gets a knee lock on Vader but the rope breaks it.

More boots to the legs from Shamrock followed by a single-leg Boston Crab. Vader gets the ropes once again. Shamrock hammers Vader in the corner and he returns with an elbow on his own. Shamrock gets a quick ankle lock in and taps out instantly.

Vader has submitted to Ken Shamrock in 13:21.


A No Holds Barred match in a time where submission matches were not a thing and one man wasn’t a submission specialist and the other wasn’t a wrestler. Sloppy.


The size of Shamrock’s arms.

Grade: C.

On the Card will return on June 1 2017 with the fourth and final part of In Your House 15: A Cold Day in Hell.


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