Ruthless Aggression #15. No Way Out (February 18, 2007) Part 3

Previously on On the Card: Fuck off, Boogeyman!

Backstage, Kristal is talking to Shawn. She asks him if Cena can be trusted. Shawn says he trusts no one but HHH. He reminds us of the catchphrase of DX.

Back in the arena, King Booker makes his laborious way to the ring. He is due to have a match with our man Kane, a rivalry that started at the Rumble, apparently, when Kane threw him out. Booker had a bit of a huff and fought back, eliminating Kane, somehow. Booker got the key to Houston, which is his hometown. Kane appeared then, very upset and kicked Booker out of the ring. What a feud.

Back in the arena, Sharmell tells us to hail King Booker and Kane comes out with big pyro and interrupts them. Great lad.

Cunt JBL and Cole argue.

Kane def King Booker (w/ Queen Sharmell) via pin in 12:38.

The bell goes and Booker and Kane square off. Cole asks Cunt how to fight Kane. Cunt speaks in pleasantries for a while until Kane finally hits a bunch of punches into Booker’s chest. Cunt JBL gives off when Cole says that Kane is screaming. He says that “only women scream… not that you would have done that, Cole.”

Kane and Booker fight for a bit. Kane hits the backbreaker. Booker rolls onto the apron and guillotines Kane. Almost chokeslam and Kane gets ready for another chokeslam but clotheslines Booker out instead. Booker throws Kane’s had into the steel steps. Booker hits a lovely dropkick and Sharmell gives off to the referee, Little Naitch. Kane escapes the long, long, long armlock and goes to the top rope… But Booker heel kicks Kane on the way down. Pin attempt but nothing comes of it. Booker beats Kane in the corner and the Big Red Machine fights back until Booker knocks him down. Kane kicks out after one. Big chops and woos from the crowd. Booker lifts Kane and goes for the suplex but Kane counters. Pin attempt and fail.

The pair slap the shite out of each other and Kane finally gets Booker’s throat but Booker escapes. Lovely clothesline following a failed scissors kick. Both men are down and Kane does his Michael Myers Undertaker sit up. Kane takes Booker to the corner for a ten punch, punching well over ten. Lovely Irish Whip and Sidewalk Slam from Kane. The Big Red Machine goes to the top rope and takes a flying clothesline. The crowd cheer the Chokeslam hand and though Booker hits the flying kick, he still takes a chokeslam and Kane gets the pin in 12:38.


Bless, Kane. He’s past his prime at this point.


Pee break match.

Grade: C.

Booker leaves as Kane looks angry. Replays of the match. Kane has a wee giggle, the lights go red.

On the Card will return on March 11 2017 with the fourth part of No Way Out 2007!


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