Attitude Era #6. Survivor Series (November 17, 1996) Part 3

Previously on On the Card: The debut of the Scorpion King!

Cut to a promo for Bret Hart being Canadian, the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. When he says Stone Cold’s name, the crowd pops. We see Stone Cold kicking ass, beating on his ex-partner, we see him stunning everyone, beating on people backstage and calling Bret Hart a Shitman. He then calls himself the best there is. Cheeky rascal. This promo is great and really gets you ready for Stone Cold and Hitman.

Backstage, Stone Cold calls Bret a cliché and says that he will give him an ass-whuppin’.

Out he comes out to his smashing glass theme. Fuck yes. This is amazing. I am so pumped for this and so is the crowd. Stone Cold is almost damn-near smiling. This is the start of the Attitude Era right here. Business is about to pick up.

Backstage, Bret Hart is bigging up Stone Cold, saying he has respect for Stone Cold and will beat the respect into him if necessary.

Bret’s music hits and the crowd explodes. The purple hearts are everywhere… the doors open… Bret is nowhere to be seen- oh there he is. Phew. Got worried for a moment. Pyro goes off as Bret soaks up the applause. The lights dim, focussing on the ring. This is a real big-match, main event feel. Face Bret goes to a wee pup in the front row and gives her his glasses. Lovely guy. Stone Cold looks on, disgusted at Bret’s weakness. Vince tells us that the winner of this match will become number one contender.

Number One Contender Match: Bret “The Hitman” Hart def. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin via pin in 24:41.

Stone Cold and Bret stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Austin is giving Bret some shit and follows it up with double fingers to Hart’s face. Brilliant. What a guy. The pair finally lock up and have a chat in the corner. Irish Referee Tim White splits them up and Bret pushes Austin away. The pair lock up again and have a little grabby brawl. JR tells us that neither of the men have submitted and it may come to that in this match. Another lock-up and Stone Cold gets Bret’s wrist, jerking at it. Bret rolls into a kip-up and reverses, screaming, “C’mon!” at Austin. The crowd chant, “Let’s go, Bret!” like a bunch of smarks.

A few reversals followed by a lovely takedown and the two men are on the ground. Bret hammers a knee into Stone Cold’s ribs, continuing the hammerlock. Stone Cold gets to his feet, hits a lovely drop-toe-hold but is reversed into another hammerlock. JR bigs up Rocky and says that he has one hell of a future in the Fed. Stone Cold takes over and drives the elbow into Bret’s spine. JR points out that Bret has been slow and careful whereas Stone Cold has been high-impact thusfar. Bret takes over and gets Austin in another wristlock. The commentators talk about cowboys and JR reminds us that he’s from Oklahoma. Irish whip and Stone Cold drops Bret on the top rope. Stone Cold steps on Bret’s back, choking him with the bottom rope. God-damn son of a gun.

Irish Referee Tim White is giving it loads to Stone Cold, who isn’t happy about it. Austin taunts the crowd as JR tells us how much Stone Cold has been attacking the upper body of Bret. Vince considers that the Stunner might be the move to take down Bret. JR repeats his earlier points. A pin attempt followed by another but Stone Cold gets a two on both. Vince drops that both men are using killer psychology in this match with Bret being forced to take a risk and take a risk he does as both men trade blows with Stone Cold coming off the stronger, choking Bret in the turnbuckle. An Irish whip and Bret reverses it with a great clothesline followed by an atomic drop, another clothesline and a roll-up for the near fall.

Bret hits the side-Russian leg-sweep and only gets another two-count. Bret goes for the bulldog but Stone Cold pushes him away, taking over. Stone Cold goes for the suplex, attempted reversal and Austin sits Bret on the top rope, goes for a Bret’s rope superplex but Bret counters, throwing Stone Cold off and hitting the elbow from the top rope. Brilliant. Bret goes for the Bossman slam but Austin rakes his eyes. Stone Cold throws Bret to the outside and takes the time to check his kneepads. Austin hits the double-axe-handle on Bret and rolls in to break the count before throwing Bret into the ringpost. Stone Cold takes the time to jaw off to the crowd and Bret knocks him into the audience! Bret fires Austin into the barricade and Stone Cold rolls the whole way out of the ring, seemingly looking for a place to blade. Bret takes a great slingshot catapult into the Spanish announcer’s table, completely flooring Hugo Savinovich. Poor son of a gun. JR complains that this sort of thing always seems to happen to the Spanish guy. Austin hits the flying elbow from the apron onto Bret’s throat. The crowd chant for Bret and as he gets onto the apron, stone Cold suplexes him into the ring. Motherfucker.

Stone Cold hits another elbow from Bret’s rope and another kick-out followed by another. The crowd are chanting, Stone Cold is giving it his all and flings Bret into the corner. Stone Cold taunts the crowd some more, goes to have a wee word with Bret on the ropes and goes for another pin attempt for a two. The crowd are now having duelling, “Let’s go Austin/Let’s go Bret!” chants. Brilliant. Stone Cold gets the abdominal stretch in and pulls on the rope to clinch it in. Irish Referee Tim White sees this, berates Stone Cold and gets the fingers for his effort. Stone Cold punches Bret and the pair trade blows for ages. Stone Cold finally falls but Bret doesn’t stop. Double reversal of an Irish whip and Austin’s neck hits the top rope. Bret goes for the pin but gets naught. Bret hits Stone Cold with a brutal piledriver but Stone Cold kicks out. A lovely backbreaker from Bret and The Hitman goes to the top rope but Stone Cold knocks him onto his arse and beats on Bret, going to the top to hit harder. Both men are set up for the superplex and it is anticlimactic. Bret pulls his feet up to pin Austin but only gets a two.

Bret grabs Stone Cold from behind and Austin reverses it into a Stunner but Bret kicks out! Another pin, another kick out, another pin, another kick out, some punches, another pin, another kick out. Irish Referee Tim White can’t believe it. Stone Cold hits the Texas Cloverleaf and Bret is dragging himself to the ropes, finally grabbing the bottom one, but Austin refuses to let go. Bret is on his feet, in the corner and Stone Cold is kicking some ass as Stone Cold throws Bret into the corner, hitting his ribs. Another pin, another kick-out. Stone Cold gets Bret into a surfboard but Bret is up, he’s getting Austin into the sharpshooter but Stone Cold has the ropes and the submission is broken. Bret hits the Irish whip and the sleeper hold. Stone Cold reverses it into a Stunner and hits Bret with the Million Dollar Dream but Bret kicks off the turnbuckle and rolls it into a pin for the win in 24:41.

Straight-up Shoot Fact: Though Wikipedia claims the match was 24:41, it was closer to 30 mins from bell-to-bell.


Dream matchup from two dreamy men.


Best match of the night so far.

Grade: A

Austin can’t believe it! He didn’t let go of the Million Dollar Dream and it cost him the victory!

I can’t believe it! Every match so far has been amazing!

Bret celebrates as Austin goes backstage, scowling like a man scorned. Replays show Austin’s hubris as he refuses to release the hold on Bret that called his demise this match. Silly goose. Bret faces it up with the crowd, exhausted. He will now face either Shawn Michaels or Sycho Sid at the next PPV: In Your House 12: It’s Time.

On the Card will return on December 8 with the fourth and final part of Survivor Series 1996.


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