Attitude Era #5. In Your House 11: Buried Alive (October 20, 1996) Part 2

Previously on On the Card: Stone Cold! Triple H! Mr Perfect!

Cut to a recap of the Smoking Gunns/Godwinns debacle where Billy Gunn stole a smooch from Sunny, leading to them becoming Tag Team champs. Bart did not like, Sunny, however because she’s a sociopath and after the Owen and Bulldog prank at Mind Games, Sunny left the brothers. Both Gunns want the gold back for different reasons.

Cut to Dok Hendrix in the back, interviewing Bad Ass Billy Gunn about the upcoming match. Billy is desperate to have Sunny back and Bart reminds him that it’s more about the gold than the girl. Their music hits and the two cattle rustlers come to the ring, big smiles on their faces as JR struggles to get even one word out.

The Bulldog’s music hits and out come the lads. Bulldog, looking like a bust sausage, Slammy Award Winning Owen Hart and Immigration Control Clarence Mason, ready to deport them if they lose their gold.

WWF Tag Team Championship match: Owen Hart and The British Bulldog (c) def. The Smoking Gunns via pinfall in 9:17.

Vince reveals the fact that another famous Hart, Bret “The S Hitman” Hart (according to Stone Cold) will be returning to the Fed shortly. Owen, of course, a brother of Bret and Davey-Boy is a brother-in-law. JR reveals that he is going to have dinner with Bret later.

Very nice chain wrestling from Billy and Owen as JR still has a bit of trouble from his mic. The effect changes until it sounds like he’s on the radio. Owen dodges Billy’s attacks and gets a clothesline for his effort. As Billy goes top-rope and jumps into a double-axe-handle-nothing, Owen clocks him right between the legs and tags in Bulldog quickly for a double clothesline. Owen hits the drop-toe-hold and Bulldog hits a leg drop on Billy’s head. Owen leaves and Billy takes over, pulling hair and dodging punches. Old Bart Gunn punches Bulldog in the face. Bulldog has some headlock city on Bart. Bart goes to the top rope and misses a lariat and Bulldog punishes him by getting him in a full-nelson as Owen dropkicks him.

Owen and Bulldog beat on Bart and there’s a revolving door of tag teams for a while. Vince points out that the tag team champs can deliberately lose by DQ, countout etc and retain the titles. Why don’t they do this? There is no downside to this other than them losing face… but if they’re heels, it’s exactly the type of thing a heel would do! Sunny keeps appearing on the screen and Jerry goes bananas each time. Owen has some hug time with Bart for a while as the pair discuss strategies. Bart is shot on the Irish whip and accidentally hits Billy. Neither men are happy with it, though Immigration Clarence Mason has a wee clap about it.

Billy and Bart double team Owen with a Russian Leg Sweep. Owen is body-slammed then elbow dropped then neckbreaker drop. Sunny watches on. Bart is in, swinging neckbreaker to Owen. Billy is back in and kicking on Owen’s head. Jerry quips that Bart has been on so many blind dates, he should get a free dog. Bart drops to his hands and knees. Billy runs, launches off Bart and the pair get ready to finish up. Bart holds Owen like a groom lifts a bride into their new home and Billy goes to the top rope. Unbeknownst to both of them, Bulldog is behind Bart, gripping his jeans by the belt. As Billy jumps, Bulldog pulls and Billy dropkicks Bart by mistake. The move was (apparently) called the Sidewinder and as Bulldog drags Bart out of the ring, Owen hits a jumping kick on Billy and gets the pin in 9:17.


More of a storyline match for the Gunns as it is foreshadowing their inevitable breakup. For the Bulldog and Owen, it was more of a chance to show how awesome a tag team they are… although they don’t look that awesome next to the Gunns.


I’m not racist but I hate The British Bulldog simply because he’s English.

Grade: B.

Immigration Clarence Mason is in the ring, shouting at the ref for some reason. Sunny is backstage, applauding the Bulldog and Owen. The Gunns leave, frustrated and upset. Barely any time is given to the celebration. As Vince is explaining a feud developing between Ahmed Johnson and Faarooq, JR takes to the centre of the ring and goes on the mic. He’s cutting a promo, claiming that Vince is messing about with his mic. He reveals that Bret is back the next night and that JR is to thank for having Bret back. JR says that he doesn’t need a mic any more and throws it to Vince before walking right out of the arena.

This is a hangover to some Heel JR business and doesn’t seem to go down well with the crowd. They’re on for JR. They’re on for Bret. They don’t like Vince. It is understandable how, in a few short months, Stone Cold would wage the same war against Vince after he screwed over another beloved member of staff… Bret Hart.

Vince continues his promo and we see Faarooq in his gladiator gear, calling out Ahmed. Ahmed appears and mutters his way through a very dangerous promo. That man can’t talk. I love him, but by Christ, I am terrified of him.

On the Card will return on November 3 with the third part of In Your House 11: Buried Alive.


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