Attitude Era #2. In Your House 9: International Incident (July 21, 1996) Part 1

In the previous entry, I looked at King of the Ring 1996 and its importance in the Attitude Era – the loss of Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” Roberts missing his chance for glory and, of course, the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin with the greatest promo of all time. The next PPV was called International Incident and was a part of a long-running collection of PPVs called In Your House. The purpose of the In Your House PPVs were to give the audience a cheaper and more frequent WWF experience. At the time, the WWF only had four big PPVs – Royal Rumble in January, Wrestlemania near Easter, Summerslam in August and Survivor Series near Thanksgiving. The months in between were filled with In Your House PPVs and this was one of them.

Over the next four weeks, I will review this PPV from the perspectives of a fan looking back at it after two decades as well as my original thoughts as a teenager watching it at the time (though this particular PPV was one I watched in 1998 as my family did not have the channels necessary to watch wrasslin’).

WWF In Your House 9: International Incident

Two Hours of Hard-Hitting, High-Flying, Heart-Stopping, Piledriving ACTION!!

There is entirely no need for two exclamation points there, lads. One or none, everyone knows that. I have looked at this card and with a grand total of FIVE matches (six if you include the match on Free-For-All), of which most are around the 10-minute mark, I am concerned about the legitimacy of this statement. However, I will refrain from judging until I watch.

We are ready to start in the General Motors Place… wait, is that its actual name? It’s just called a “place”? What the fuck. Well, it’s the General Motors Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, I guess. 14,804 attended, which is almost double of the previous PPV, King of the Ring, where 8,762 attended. Your announcers are Vince McMahon, chewing the scenery, along with Jumping Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler. Vince is springing about the place, clearly high on cocaine.

Savio Vega’s music hit and out he comes, slapping hands and shouting at the crowd. Cut back to a match on Superstars and RAW where Savio Vega and “Hawk” Bradshaw AKA Acolyte Bradshaw AKA Shit-Eating Announcer JBL are having a whipping contest. Savio gets to the ring and JBL runs in with Uncle Zebekiah AKA Zeb Coulter. Both are jawing off to the crowd.

(Note: Before the PPV began, there was a 30-minute show called Free-For-All, which was the nineties equivalent of the Preshow, full of promos and summaries of recent TV matches. This was an exclusive match on Free-For-All and has little to do with the actual PPV. This match was incorrectly reported on the Wikipedia page as being between Bradshaw and Hakushi.)

“Hawk” Bradshaw def. Savio Vega via pinfall in 4:41

As soon as Bradshaw gets into the ring, his 6 foot 6 frame hopping over the top rope, Savio Vega is on him. Five punches in the corner and Bradshaw is knocked for six. He throws Vega into the corner and lays into him. Knowing what I know about Bradshaw (that he is a cunt), those digs are probably stiff as Val Venis. Turnbuckle to turnbuckle before Vega dropkicks Bradshaw out of the ring and goes after Zebekiah. Bradshaw punches Vega’s tummy and goes for the face but Vega ducks and the dumb motherfucker punches the ring post.

It is very, very sloppy. Bradshaw is either not listening or ignoring Vega as there are a lot of no-sold moves and the entire thing lacks psychology. Vega knocks Brawshaw into the corner and hits him with a kick. Vega topples over the top rope and takes control of the match. Near fall and Vega goes for the cross body off the rope. Bradshaw catches him and Zebekiah trips him. Ref counts it as a pin and Bradshaw get the one-two-three on Savio Vega in 4:41.


Fuck Bradshaw.


Fuck Bradshaw.

Grade: D

After the uneventful and disappointing curtain-jerker, both Zebekiah and Bradshaw go to town on Savio Vega. The kicks look pretty brutal, too. The bell keeps ringing and the official is scared off. Zebekiah “brands” Vega by hitting him with some painted metal made to look like a cattle brand. A little racist.


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