Kill him!

Short post about use of blood in the wrasslin’ bidness.

Back in the day, I didn’t know about blading. I wasn’t naive and I knew that when people got bust open, there was a good chance that it was planned (although sometimes it happens by mistake) but I just assumed that they hardway’d it. Now, in the PG era, I know that blading doesn’t really happen. It’s frowned upon. They tend to use blood capsules nowadays, which gives the same effect but with no harm to the competitor (except their pride).

Back then, when someone got bust, it was a real “holy shit!” moment where the suspension of disbelief went ballistic and you really were in the middle of the fight, wondering what the outcome would be. Nowadays, you know that if someone bleeds, it was a mistake, and that makes it less fun. If someone is bust, there has been a fuckup and someone in hurt and it is not entertainment then, at least not entertainment I like to watch.


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