I love surprise entrances of wrasslers. I fucking love it. I almost always lose my shit when I hear an, “IF YA SMEEEEEELL!” or smashing glass or “Oh, oh, Shawn!” or a car crash. There is something about the first few chords of Kurt Angle’s Medal that just make me go crazy. See if Rusev went on an anti-American rant and in the middle of it, there was just that da-dada-da of Medal, I would hit the roof.

Imagine that. Imagine it.

For a good surprise run-in to take place, though, the character needs to make sense in the storyline so that the audience begin to connect the dots almost instantly. When Vince came out with Steph and was talking about the Vincent J. McMahon Macguffin of Excellence or whatever, and Here Comes the Money hits, the audience cheered because “Yay! Music!” then they considered this formula:

  • Here Comes The Money = Shane McMahon
  • If Shane = Face then Steph + Vince = Piece of shit
  • If Shane = Heel then Steph + Vince + Shane = Piece of shit

And then they just went from there. The crowd were just happy to see Shane O Mac but the fact that he was going against the Authority put him over in our eyes. The man was untouchable. And the fact that the chants supported him the whole time, he barely said a word and just pushed Vince’s hand away… the man was over as fuck.

When Tazz arrived and instantly started mowing people down, I didn’t need to know who Tazz was beforehand. I just knew he was a bad motherfucker. When AJ Styles came to the Fed at the Royal Rumble, same thing. He went over because of his actions. Their appearances were for newcomers as well as old fans. When Jericho arrived in the middle of the Rock’s monologue, he was being placed in a storyline and had only his words to get him over.

In terms of surprise entrants, the Royal Rumble is the king. If they come in early enough, then their lack of success can be blamed on the overwhelming numbers. If a newcomer comes in at 30 and they don’t win, then they look weak and unless this leads on to a feud with another wrestler, then it’s a waste.

Either way, surprise entrances always get a pop from me… unless it’s the Rock because that man turns up at every single show.


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