Fuck Away Off

When did swearing become such a big no-no in a product which deals with such themes as murder, rape, necrophilia, racism, misogyny and overwhelming violence on a daily basis? I know that everyone thinks the Attitude Era was the greatest time in wrestling – and they are true, it was – and they remember the nice time when money was brought in by advertisers and not by ticket sales and flamboyant merchandising. They needed to push the envelope every week, which is why we had great storylines like Who Killed Mr. McMahon (murder), Does Heidenreich Love Michael Cole That Way? (rape) Katie Vick (necrophilia) Did Mr. McMahon Just Call John Cena an N-Word? (racism) Every Match In The Nineties With A Diva (misogyny) and everything else they show (violence).

Remember when Brian Pillman said “fuck” on TV? Or when Stone Cold said “ass” and told the crowd to “piss off” at his King of the Ring 1996 inauguration ceremony? They were times when language could be used to convey something – anger, hatred, love, whatever. Then they nixed it. They stopped blading (which I agree with, actually, as it had gotten a bit silly) and became PG. Every now and again Randy Orton comes out and says “prick” and that’s it.

But… But recently around the time of WrestleMania 32, the word “bitch” was thrown about loads by… Vince and his son Shane… to refer to THE UNDERTAKER! What madness! I mean, yeah, they run the company and they can say what they want but still to refer to the Undertaker as a bitch… c’mon bros.

I love swearing and I love language. Language is a tool that we use to communicate with others. I don’t think swearing has a place everywhere in life. I do not think children should swear because it makes them lazy and they do not learn new words. I do not think politicians should swear because we should see them as role models (I know, insane, isn’t it?) and I think swearing should only take place on TV after a watershed but I still think it has a place and for fuck’s sake, where is the best place to drop a cunt-bomb than in the middle of punching some bastard in the neck?


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